Global Projects

Global Projects

Ambassador Program

Every year we run a program to enlist young people around the world to become a World Literacy Foundation ambassador in their community. In 2020, we had 2,900 ambassadors from around 143 countries.

People aged 14+, who are passionate about literacy and global development are welcome to participate in this program, where they can be trained and prepared to be global leaders to advocate and fundraise for eradicating global inequality and illiteracy.

Registrations for 2021 are now closed.

Digital Library

To celebrate International Literacy Day 2020, the World Literacy Foundation has created a digital library with FREE resources to keep children reading while at home.

Enjoy our collection of +50 eBooks, videos and podcasts.

International Literacy Day

UNESCO declared September 8 as the International Literacy Day (ILD) and since 1967 ILD is celebrated annually all around the world to commemorate the importance of literacy in our daily lives and as a human right.

Every year, on September 8, we facilitate a digital campaign for International Literacy Day. We aim to create greater awareness, education, and understanding on the importance of literacy in our lives.

All advocates and passionate people can join us by conducting an ILD themed event, activity or fundraising to celebrate this day and give children the opportunity to discover the joys of reading while raising awareness for those without access to education.

A Global Voice For Literacy

World Literacy Foundation as a global organization, seeks to create a greater understanding and awareness of literacy to the wider community through the use of social media, conferences, media, training, research and collaborative partnerships in the sector.

World Literacy Summit

Every two years, we organise a global literacy conference in Oxford, the United Kingdom “The World Literacy Summit”. This four-day event brings together literacy & education leaders and specialists from governments, inter-government bodies, not for profit sector, academics, and researches.

We seek to build a global literacy community of collaboration, sharing, and best practices. The fifth World Literacy Summit will be held in April 2023.

We are committed to promoting prosperity while protecting the planet. The educational content included on our literacy app is aligned with the following Sustainable Development Goals


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