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The United Kingdom is one of the wealthiest developed countries in the world, ranked 6th for GDP and 15th in the UN Index of Happiness.

Despite this, there are severe disparities of income, with thousands of families living at or below the poverty line. Large areas of deprivation are found across the country and this has negative consequences for the health and education of children.

In our global mission to achieve literacy for all children, we work with charity partners, local groups and communities to deliver books and literacy support to children who are most in need. 380,000 children in the UK, particularly those from low-income households don’t own a single book and an estimated 22% of people have a basic level of reading and writing.

We are committed to ensuring every child in the UK gains the literacy skills they need to prepare for their future education and employment. Under the initiative UK Reads, we provide literacy support and learning resources to children in disadvantaged communities across the country. 

We are also a voice to spread greater awareness and understanding of literacy. Since 2012, we host the World Literacy Summit at Oxford University to bring together the global literacy community to advocate, champion and educate on the vital importance of literacy.

Our Services

DINGO Reading Club
Books Distribution

We distribute literacy packs with new and second-hand books, school supplies, and other literacy resources within the community.

Dingo App

Our pop-up-libraries are filled with donated classic children’s books. Parents are encouraged to take a book home for free to read with their child.

English Club

We encourage and guide volunteers determined to eradicate illiteracy worldwide to fundraise at their schools, universities, businesses and the community groups to support our projects in Africa and South America.


Meet Esther

Ten-year-old Esther’s big brown eyes light up as she talks about the Aprendo Leyendo program. “I enjoy coming every week because Miss Paulina teaches us to read and write!” she says enthusiastically.

In many ways, Esther is like most young girls. She loves wearing pink clothes and the fantasy of fairy tales and unicorns. But her life isn’t easy. She lives with 15 family members in a small bamboo and concrete house in the humble neighborhood of El Carmen in Manizales, Colombia. Three generations cram the two-level home, and the rooms are divided by curtains instead of walls.

Esther and her four siblings are raised by her single mother. Her 60-year-old mom, Melinda, works Monday to Saturday cleaning houses to provide the basics for her family. Despite all, her family is close and makes the best of things because they have no choice.

Esther is in third grade and goes to a public school. Although it’s funded by the government, resources are very limited, and the quality of education is extremely low. Though the school’s been closed for months now due to COVID-19.

Luckily, Esther’s been able to keep attending the Aprende Leyendo program every week since she was six with her younger brother, Angel Fabian. The program has been a vital resource to keep them learning during the school shutdowns. Program Manager, Paula Correa, helped set up the reading room at a local community hub in 2014 to give disadvantaged children access to books, mentoring and help improve their reading.

Like many other children facing poverty and hardship in Colombia, Esther had no books at home. Aprende Leyendo and the World Literacy Foundation donated food, clothes, and books to her family, so now Esther can read at home too. Esther wants to be a policewoman when she grows up to take care of people in her community. We think her dream will come true because the gift of literacy opens endless possibilities for children in need.  Thanks to your support we can help disadvantaged children in Latin America by providing them with quality educational resources and support to change their futures and break their cycle of poverty.

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By giving the gift of literacy today, you are empowering a child with reading and writing skills needed to succeed at school and beyond.

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Dingo App is a digital learning tool that develops and enhances the literacy skills of children in both; Spanish and English.  

We are bringing together innovative technology, e-books, games, and locally-curated content to advance the learning of children aged 4-10 years who have limited or no access to education, internet and technology. 

We are committed to promoting prosperity while protecting the planet. The educational content included on our literacy app is aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals.


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