Why Literacy

Why Literacy

Why Literacy

750 million people in the world are illiterate

At the World Literacy Foundation, we believe in literacy as the foundation of lifelong learning and education. People who cannot read or write experience difficulties with simple everyday tasks such as reading the label of a medicine bottle, filling in a job application or understanding a traffic sign. When we help someone to acquire literacy skills, we are empowering them to access to better opportunities in life to break the poverty cycle.

The Stats are Bleak

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750 million adults

– two-thirds of whom are women – still lack basic reading and writing skills. 1

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About 258 million children

and youth are out of school. 2

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6 out of 10 children

and adolescents are not learning a minimum in reading and math. 3

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People with poor literacy skills

are more than 2x as likely to be unemployed. 4

The impact of illiteracy

illiteracy economic impact

Economic Impact

Social Impact

illiteracy social impact
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Health Impact

Early Intervention is Key

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Research confirms that a child’s early years brain development shapes the adults they become, the success they achieve and the contributions they make to the economy and society.

The World Literacy Foundation focusses on early intervention so that every child has the strongest chance to reach their full potential.

Our work includes educating new parents to support their children in their learning, providing regular reading groups, and distributing books and other literacy resources to young children who may lack access to them.

92% of your donation brings books and literacy support to children in need.

By giving the gift of literacy today, you are empowering a child with reading and writing skills needed to succeed at school and beyond.